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We Believe That Dreams Can Come True.

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Crowd Funding Pays™ is all about helping people fund their hopes and dreams for the future with the power and impact of World-Wide visibility and support.

We bring a platform, a process, and know-how to help every Campaign Owner put their best foot forward and every interested Backer a simple way to power ideas.

We live in an amazing time when entrepreneurial talent is truly driven to create products and services that contribute to our daily lives and to the lives of people across this planet.


At Crowd Funding Pays™, we wanted to be part of this new movement to bring capital and ideas together. So we created a place where people can freely decide what to Present, while others select what they want to Back.

Whether your Campaign is large, small, for-profit or not-for-profit, personal, or looking to make it to the big leagues, we have a simple process and a great place for you.

We firmly believe there are people just waiting to read and be inspired by your dreams; it happens every day in all walks of life and it can happen here too. Many Backers want to be in on the ground floor, taking great satisfaction and pride in knowing that their contribution propelled a business or an idea forward

Time To Take Action!