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Campaign Fundraising

We’re all thinking it. What brings in the money? What could possibly compel individuals to put hard-earned money into others’ dreams around the world?

Is it passion? Is it a sense of community? Is it good will, a simple goodness of heart? Absolutely. Connecting with your readers and simply showing them your personal investment and passion in your project is critical.

But it’s also so much more. Surprisingly enough, crowdfunding campaign fundraising can be quite different from other kinds of fundraising. In other words, there are little intricacies, expert tips and tricks, that can transform your crowdfunding campaign.

For example, it’s crucial to begin fundraising before your campaign begins. This seems strange, but think about it for a moment: are you more likely to contribute to a campaign that was only launched a day ago and has already raised 10% of the funds, or a campaign that’s two weeks in and only has 1% funded?

Fundraising before you launch shows your idea’s merit and helps you gain credibility in the reader’s head. It’s also just easier to reach out to friends and family in advance, so you don’t have to concern yourself with that during your campaign.

In terms of your funding goal, it’s wise to set a realistic goal (what you actually need) than to inflate it. This makes your campaign contributions look more substantial; it also shows that you’re responsible with your money, and that you’re not just looking to pocket most of it. You also must show the reader exactly what you’re going to do with the money you raise--after all, they’re going to want to see where it’s going!

These are just a couple crowdfunding tips and tricks to help you maximize on your campaign’s potential! Visit or for more guidance on campaign fundraising.