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Crowdfunding Marketing

Even if you have the most innovative crowdfunding idea in the world, nobody will know about it unless they see it! Though being on a crowdfunding platform leads some people to your campaign, it’s up to you to make noise around your campaign and attract backers. In fact, we believe that effectively marketing your campaign is just as important as perfecting your product. And we promise you all your efforts will be worth it.

Why is there such a heavy focus on marketing efforts during your campaign? Think about all the marketing a startup would do during its first year to gain recognition and establish its brand. As a crowdfunding campaigner, you have to accomplish those same results in 30-60 days. In a nutshell, marketing your crowdfunding campaign is normal marketing on steroids.

When it comes to marketing your crowdfunding campaign, there are three phrases that make the magic happen: search engine optimization, social media strategy, and public relations outreach. Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is what makes your campaign rank highly on Google searches, so it’s the ultimate way to get discovered! The best way to utilize SEO is to write your campaign description based on what you think your audience searches most commonly.

Social media strategy in coordination with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+, MSN, Yahoo and Google, is the most important component of marketing your crowdfunding campaign. It gives you a chance to have a direct line of communication with a captive audience who wants to hear what you have to say--remember, they chose to follow you! That’s why it’s crucial to stay active and accessible, always responding to any questions and encouraging feedback.

Build a following as early as possible, whether or not you’ve launched, and get people excited about your crowdfunding campaign. Simply being active on the right social media platforms (based to your audience) can multiply your marketing efforts and take your campaign to the next level.

Public relations outreach encompasses basically every other method of marketing your crowdfunding campaign, whether it’s through news articles, bloggers, newsletters, or emails. Never underestimate the power of spreading the word through your (and your team members’) networks!

Even if the first viewer isn’t directly interested in donating, they know people who might be, and those people know other people--you get the point. If you actively spread the word, it’ll get to the right people and those are the people that will fund your hopes and dreams!