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Crowdfunding Nonprofits

Raising money for nonprofits has become easier than ever with crowdfunding. You can easily and quickly reach prospective donors all around the world, spread your passion for your charitable cause, and build a community for your nonprofit using a crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding attracts people who care about the future. Whether you’re raising money for medical bills, education, or disaster relief, crowdfunding is especially beneficial to you, because your campaign naturally attracts philanthropic individuals.

Our platform has an entire category dedicated to philanthropic efforts, so you can attract the right backers / contributors and sustain a powerful, passionate community - invite the crowd!

In order to maximize your results, you must craft your crowdfunding campaign around the reader. Remember, they probably don’t feel as passionately about your cause or know as much about the situation as you do. But you have the power to change that! Passion is absolutely contagious, and people browsing your crowdfunding campaign really do care. Though your idea is important, more often than not, backers are drawn in by the campaigners’ passion.

So how do you draw in readers? Educate them about what’s going on, using visuals as often as possible. Videos and photos are the most powerful tool when it comes to funding for charities and all types of non-profit campaigns.

Come up with crowdfunding rewards that help publicize your charity, or rewards that your reader will be proud to own. Convince them that your charity is the next game-changer. The best part is that as an established charity, you probably already have all the material ready for a campaign, from your mission statement to photos and maybe even a few t-shirts, too.

Now all that’s left for you to do is launch a crowdfunding campaign, and watch your funding skyrocket. So go change the world!