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Crowdfunding Services

We want to help you make your campaign the best it can be, so we’ve provided you with all the tools and resources you need make your idea happen with has specialized categories for each type of idea to give your crowdfunding campaign the limelight it deserves. This way, you’re receiving positive attention from people who care about your type of campaign.

Some people can put together nearly all of their campaign, but they get stuck when it comes to one aspect of their campaign, such as videos or rewards. Others are completely unfamiliar with crowdfunding, and have no idea where to even start.

That’s why we’ve asked our experts to create a crowdfunding education program, HowToCrowd.Fund with 16 affordable, specialized courses, each on a different facet of crowdfunding. We’ve put together this program so you can easily tailor the crowdfunding education to your needs, and capitalize on our expertise.

Don’t have time to take courses and master crowdfunding yourself? No worries, we understand. offers additional services to help you through your crowdfunding quest., fully integrated crowdfunding marketing agency provides you with the individualized attention and expertise your campaign needs.

With our years of crowdfunding expertise, we critically examine your campaign and determine what it needs to succeed; whether you need a complete campaign makeover or just some social media promotion, we have packages to cater to every campaign’s needs.