• Fees & Pricing

    • Flexible Funding

    • Fixed Funding

    • Meet/ Exceed Your Goals

    • 4% platform fee

    • 4% platform fee

    • Miss Your Goal

    • 9% Platform Fee you keep the contributions you received. Campaign Owners should set realistic goals for best results.

    • 0% all contributions are refunded to your backers. Third-party processing fees will not be charged on refunded contributions.

    • Non-Profits

    • 3% Platform Fee For all verified nonprofits

    • 3% Platform Fee For all verifies nonprofits

    • Obligations

    • You are required to fulfill all rewards as agreed on a timely basis.

    • You are NOT required to fulfill all rewards because money will be refunded to backers.

    • Third party fees

    • Campaign’s raising money in US Dollars will be able to raise their funds through PayPal or through approved credit cards. For those planning to use our Flexible funding Campaign path, you can decide to enable your Backers contributions through PayPal or through approved credit cards when setting up your Campaign. Payment methods can be changed or updated by you at any time during your Campaign. Credit card processing fees of 3.5 -5.0 % apply. If you have chosen our Fixed Funding Campaign path, PayPal is the only permitted payment option. *Backers may make contributions from anywhere in the world to Campaigns. While Crowd Funding Pays does not charge additional fees based on these contributions beyond our posted fee structure, they will likely bear the exchange rate and any additional exchange charges as determined by their credit card and the originating currency.

Simple Fees-You Decide

Crowd Funding Pays is open to all types of Campaigns within the guidelines of our Terms of Use. Our plan is simple and straightforward. When you choose our Flexible Funding Path and your Campaign receives contributions, Crowd Funding Pays charges a platform fee of 9.0% on the total funds you raise. For Campaigns that reach their published goal, we will return 5.0% of the fee so that your total platform fee paid to Crowd Funding Pays is a low 4.0%. Choose our Fixed Funding Path, hit your goal, and you pay just 4%.

Before you launch your Campaign, you will need to select the Path you feel is best for you, Flexible or Fixed Funding.

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