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Crowd Funding Pays is a crowdfunding platform for all types of ideas, products, services and pretty much anything else that does not violate our Terms of Use.

Everything from technology innovations, films, books, games, music, art, design, and nonprofit endeavors just to name a few. Crowd Funding Pays is brimming with the hopes and dreams of many people of all walks of life who just need to place their share ideas with a broader audience, seeking validation, support and essential funding.

Hundreds or even thousands of creative projects may be offered on the Crowd Funding Pays website platform at any given time. Each Campaign is independently created and and presented by the person or people behind their offering. The Campaign ideas that you see on Crowd Funding Pays are developed by Campaigners who have complete control over their projects and full responsibility to make them successful.

It may take several weeks or more for someone to fill their Campaign pages. Most Campaigns will include a heartfelt and informative video, along with a pretty clear business plan providing financial and other pertinent information Backers will likely wish to see and consider.

Because Rewards can take many forms, Rewards may be just as creative as the Campaign seeking funding. While placing this information into our platform template, Campaign owners will also be considering how to prepare their marketing programs. Many will use their social media and other online resources to raise awareness with their followers and initial Backers, ensuring a fast start and greater prospect that their Campaign will quickly catch the eye of new supporters and Backers. This is where the Crowd then gathers and votes with their dollars, sending some Campaigns past their stated funding goals, while other Campaigns may not get the positive feedback they had hoped, leaving them short of their funding goal.

Every Campaign creator establishes their own Campaign funding goal along with a deadline of up to 90 days the Campaign may be permitted to run. The length of time a Campaign is offered may vary and most successful Campaigns will fund well in advance of the maximum period. If visitors to the Crowd Funding Pays website like a Campaign, they can become a Backer and pledge funds toward the Campaign’s published financial goal.

If the Campaign succeeds in achieving the posted funding goal, the Campaign owner will receive the funds, less payment processing fees and a 4% platform fee. For Campaigns that do not reach their published goal, the Campaign owner may still elect to receive the funds collected, less a payment processing fees and an 8% platform fee.